Prime Joint Support Formula by Isotonix - Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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  • Shop Consultant

Love this product

It works! I hate taking pills. So I can drink this and it really helps with my joints. I'm starting to get osteoarthritis which my mother had in her 50s. Lucky me I made it to the 70s but I can make a poultice with this too and wrap it on the outside of my finger.


  • Shop Consultant

Great product to stay active

As an active adult, it's no secret that the older we get the more challenging remaining active can become. I work out each week and play on a few adult sports teams as well. A few years ago, I tore my ACL and thought I would be done with sports and activity forever. I went through the surgery and PT and went back to the gym when I was allowed. Taking this product has made it so much easier to remain active and work back up to the activity level I was at pre-injury. My joints feel great and I could not live without this product!


Sorry you're having problems!

It makes me sad when I read about customers having such a difficult time pouring out the powder from the bottle. The person giving you this product is supposed to teach you how to take these products in an easy and convenient manner. There are two ways in which to use these powders: one is to prick a hole in the seal with a toothpick against one side of the rim of the bottle. That controls the amount of powder that comes out. Just tap the top of the mouth to get the flow of powder going. The second way is to have your distributor supply you with a plastic cap with a hole in the middle. As distributors, we can buy a package of these to give to our customers. If you are having difficulties, please get back to your distributor for help.

Response from Customer Service:
March 27, 2019

These are great, time proven recommendations for easy pouring of Isotonix Powder. Not only can the SHOP Consultant assist with product support, but the Product Information Department (ph: 336.389.6987 or email is available to answer ANY questions on product or product usage.



I love this product, has helped so much with my knees and back.


  • Shop Consultant

Feeling Better!

I have been using the Prime Joint Support Formula for a while now. I fee like it helps my joints feel better. They aren't so stiff after a busy day. I give it a thumbs up!!